New England Crime Bake 11/11-13/16

Annual Mystery Conference for Writers and Readersheld in Boston

This conference was all new to us – this was a writers’ conference. So far, we’d only attended Fish & Wildlife conferences. Things are definitely done differently in this realm – no tug-of-war with 30 men and women on either side until someone lands in the mud. This was indoors! Much of the discussion actually ran along similar lines….crime scenes, investigations, etc.

I enjoyed the Meet & Greet type question and answer sessions. I had a table with my name on it and the chairs filled up with folks who wanted to talk to me. I never realized how much of the info in my head of the mundane-to-me information was so imperative to their stories in their books! Crime writers like to get things right, like how a crime scene would really look in the real world and what an officer might do when he approaches one.


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