This is, without a doubt, the best book I’ve ever read. It’s exciting at times, hilarious at others, and very scary in some parts. Most of all, it’s eye-opening and leads the reader into the world of the game warden; a place vastly different from what most people expect. I highly recommend this book for all adults. However hunters, teenagers, and anyone who suffers from traumatic stress can gain a lot from reading it.

– Elyse, from Albuquerque, NM


“Injured herons, crazed owls, sick moose — and a plethora of sometimes dangerous, often incompetent poachers, lost children and hikers, and victims of homicide. The Maine woods can be both beautiful and deadly. True crime writer Kate Flora helped now-retired Game Warden Roger Guay bring his decades of experience, adventures, and insights alive for the reading public. A Good Man with a Dog reads like you are sitting down with Roger for a great conversation in front of a warm fire with a cup of coffee. You’ll want to listen all night. And you’ll come away from that conversation realizing how much you’ve learned.”

— CAT WARREN, author of New York Times bestseller, What the Dog Knows.

“Roger Guay is a natural-born storyteller and his stories of his  adventures and misadventures as a Maine game warden searching for lost people are the kind that make you sit forward in your chair, waiting to hear what happens next. Written with the brilliant and award-winning crime writer Kate Flora, A Good Man with a Dog is the true tale of a North Woods lawman and instantly deserves a spot on the library shelf of up-country Maine classics.”

—PAUL DOIRON, Edgar-nominated bestselling author of the Mike Bowditch novels

“Every warden, retired and active, has their own share of stories and memories from their own days of public service. Roger has artfully captured many of his own events, as his career advanced during a time when society itself was changing. A Good Man with a Dog, is a terrific read . . . bound to bring a smile to your face.”

—JOHN FORD, SR, bestselling author of Suddenly the CiderDidn’t Taste So Good: Adventures of a Game Warden in Maine

“This is it!  These are the true adventures, behind the true Maine, as told by a true Maine man, in the honorable profession of working in the Maine Warden Service.

A must read for anyone looking for the inside track on the life and times of protecting the North Maine Woods.”

 — SUZANNE AUCLAIR, columnist Northwoods Sporting Journal, Moosehead Lake Region