An Evening in Greenville 8/11/16

We left Indian Hill Trading Post for a bite to eat at Flatlander’s Pub before going on to thecenter-for-moosehead-history2.jpg Center for Moosehead History where the Shaw Public Library & the Moosehead Historical Society teamed up to host us for an evening of great interaction and reminiscing about my years here in Greenville.




Conversation had to be louder than the fans used to circulate the air in the historic building. But we were able to still have a wonderful evening!


Hometown, 8/6/16

August always brings us to our hometown. The annual Jackman Alumni Open House is always on the first Saturday, so we coordinated with Bishop’s Store for a signing event and we headed north! It was a great day all around – especially having a gal come into the store who was in my original class at Forest Hills! I had not seen her for….ever! Ray and I caught up on old times and Maxine surprised the heck out of me!

IMG_1004.jpg          IMG_1003.jpg