Millinocket Memorial Library 5/15/2017

Monday night saw us headed to Millinocket. We had a wonderful meal at our favorite Millinocket Restaurant – Ruthie’s (or as we think of it – The Terrace) and then met with the local book club who had chosenIMG_20170515_185317467.jpg A Good Man with a Dog as last month’s read.

Little did we know there were a few ladies at the restaurant who were going “Psssst….isn’t that Roger Guay? He’s coming to our book club meeting later!”

Just kidding! It was great to sit and visit with those who had already read and perused the book together. As 7 o’clock came around, more people drifted in for the author visit. It was great to see some familiar faces! Fellow-author Tim Caverly and fellow-game warden Jim Davis and his wife, Judy, were part of this friendly group. Thanks for coming out, folks!

We were so pleased to be part of a re-birth, if you will, of this beautiful library. It had fallen on some hard times as much of the local area has and is working to get back on its feet. The staff is wonderful and the facility is beautiful. Head on over to the Millinocket Memorial Library and read this summer!IMG_20170515_185454570.jpg

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