Blizzard Blew Through

SnowMar152017.JPGIt’s hard to tell what we got for inches up here on the hill as the wind blew so hard and drifted everything. We were amazed not to lose electricity through it all! There are larger branches down everywhere. Best guess is somewhere between a foot and 18 inches. That drift in the foreground is in front of the door, probably at least two feet there. Stay safe everyone as you clean out from this Ides of March Blizzard of 2017!

Storm’s a’Coming!

Winter.jpgTime to hunker down and wait out this storm. Feed the wood stove and the birds. I think the only good thing about fresh snow is how it covers up the dirty look of melted snowbanks, the chunks of displaced lawn, … the frozen “tootsie rolls” that litter the back yard.

Blogs and more blogs…

Yup, I’ve been catching up on our past year’s calendar of events in the Blogs tab with a little description and some photos. Now you can scroll around and see where we went last year on this crazy adventure with the book, A Good Man with a Dog.

I will endeavor to do better with our events this year! Check out the Events tab and find us somewhere this year – let’s get your picture taken with us and you’ll be in our blogs! Or just come find us and we won’t make you take a picture with us….lol.

We are looking forward to seeing lots of new faces and visiting lots of new places!



Event schedule updated!

Finally, the event schedule has been updated and you folks will be able to better track where Roger & Kate are at and what they are up to. If you are on Facebook more often, you can also track them on the Roger Guay author page. We are still looking to fill in this year’s calendar! If you have a book club or library or any gathering that would like this duo to visit, be sure to contact us soon!