Houlton, Maine – Here we come! 12/19/17

It was Monday morning in cold December. The weather almost prevented us from heading north, but we were determined. We landed in time for the noon meeting of the Houlton Rotary Club. What a great lot of people doing a great lot of things! I have to admit, the Rotary Club is not something I have ever been familiar with. We were treated to a wonderful home-cooked meal and then I shared what I usually do about the book, why I wrote it, how it came to be that Kate Flora co-wrote with me (for me….I just told the story). All of that and more! There were many great questions and then they asked me to sign some books for them…my pleasure!

Having served as a sergeant out of the Houlton area, we drove around after lunch looking for familiar spots and realized…..it’s been over 20 years since we frequented this town!

At 3:00 pm, we showed up at MACS Trading Post, where they made us very welcome bringing out a table to set up the books on and a couple of chairs for us! It was a quiet Monday at the trading post, but we did have two folks come in who were looking for us and a book to acquire! We were thankful for the opportunity to just hang out and visit.

CaryLibHoulton.jpgCary Library was our next stop after a quick bite to eat. A small group braved the icy streets and sidewalks to join us there. Small groups seem harder to talk to as a speaker, but make for a more personalized question and answer session.

The Rotary Club arranged for us to stay the night and we head tomorrow morning. Houlton was a GREAT place with which to re-connect.