Library Visit & Puppy Delivery 10/26/16

RaymondLibrary.jpgThe Raymond Village Library opened its doors to us this evening along with a little white ball of fur named Tucker. I tried not to be distracted during my talk sharing about the book and how it came to be, but there was a little white puppy making his rounds from one set of arms to the next. Actually, it was all great! What breaks the ice better than a puppy?



Our grandson, Jacob, was a big help with this litter.

This little fella came from the litter Jolyne was delivering the day we visited Damariscotta. His Forever Family lives not far from here and we saved them a trip to come get him by delivering him to their doorstep.

The 1st Fish & Game Club Invite 10/5/16

Our first invite from a fish & game club! We were so excited to attend the monthly meeting  of the Standish Fish & Game Club and share about the experiences in the book as a Maine Game Warden. Their primary interest being in the fish and wildlife of the State of Maine made it so were were able to converse as fellow outdoorsmen & women easily. The stories continued until we had to call it a night. Both my stories and theirs… Continue reading