Blizzard Blew Through

SnowMar152017.JPGIt’s hard to tell what we got for inches up here on the hill as the wind blew so hard and drifted everything. We were amazed not to lose electricity through it all! There are larger branches down everywhere. Best guess is somewhere between a foot and 18 inches. That drift in the foreground is in front of the door, probably at least two feet there. Stay safe everyone as you clean out from this Ides of March Blizzard of 2017!

Storm’s a’Coming!

Winter.jpgTime to hunker down and wait out this storm. Feed the wood stove and the birds. I think the only good thing about fresh snow is how it covers up the dirty look of melted snowbanks, the chunks of displaced lawn, … the frozen “tootsie rolls” that litter the back yard.

Blogs and more blogs…

Yup, I’ve been catching up on our past year’s calendar of events in the Blogs tab with a little description and some photos. Now you can scroll around and see where we went last year on this crazy adventure with the book, A Good Man with a Dog.

I will endeavor to do better with our events this year! Check out the Events tab and find us somewhere this year – let’s get your picture taken with us and you’ll be in our blogs! Or just come find us and we won’t make you take a picture with us….lol.

We are looking forward to seeing lots of new faces and visiting lots of new places!



Event schedule updated!

Finally, the event schedule has been updated and you folks will be able to better track where Roger & Kate are at and what they are up to. If you are on Facebook more often, you can also track them on the Roger Guay author page. We are still looking to fill in this year’s calendar! If you have a book club or library or any gathering that would like this duo to visit, be sure to contact us soon!

Houlton, Maine – Here we come! 12/19/17

It was Monday morning in cold December. The weather almost prevented us from heading north, but we were determined. We landed in time for the noon meeting of the Houlton Rotary Club. What a great lot of people doing a great lot of things! I have to admit, the Rotary Club is not something I have ever been familiar with. We were treated to a wonderful home-cooked meal and then I shared what I usually do about the book, why I wrote it, how it came to be that Kate Flora co-wrote with me (for me….I just told the story). All of that and more! There were many great questions and then they asked me to sign some books for them…my pleasure!

Having served as a sergeant out of the Houlton area, we drove around after lunch looking for familiar spots and realized…’s been over 20 years since we frequented this town!

At 3:00 pm, we showed up at MACS Trading Post, where they made us very welcome bringing out a table to set up the books on and a couple of chairs for us! It was a quiet Monday at the trading post, but we did have two folks come in who were looking for us and a book to acquire! We were thankful for the opportunity to just hang out and visit.

CaryLibHoulton.jpgCary Library was our next stop after a quick bite to eat. A small group braved the icy streets and sidewalks to join us there. Small groups seem harder to talk to as a speaker, but make for a more personalized question and answer session.

The Rotary Club arranged for us to stay the night and we head tomorrow morning. Houlton was a GREAT place with which to re-connect.

New England Crime Bake 11/11-13/16

Annual Mystery Conference for Writers and Readersheld in Boston

This conference was all new to us – this was a writers’ conference. So far, we’d only attended Fish & Wildlife conferences. Things are definitely done differently in this realm – no tug-of-war with 30 men and women on either side until someone lands in the mud. This was indoors! Much of the discussion actually ran along similar lines….crime scenes, investigations, etc.

I enjoyed the Meet & Greet type question and answer sessions. I had a table with my name on it and the chairs filled up with folks who wanted to talk to me. I never realized how much of the info in my head of the mundane-to-me information was so imperative to their stories in their books! Crime writers like to get things right, like how a crime scene would really look in the real world and what an officer might do when he approaches one.


Even tidbits like Continue reading

Library Visit & Puppy Delivery 10/26/16

RaymondLibrary.jpgThe Raymond Village Library opened its doors to us this evening along with a little white ball of fur named Tucker. I tried not to be distracted during my talk sharing about the book and how it came to be, but there was a little white puppy making his rounds from one set of arms to the next. Actually, it was all great! What breaks the ice better than a puppy?



Our grandson, Jacob, was a big help with this litter.

This little fella came from the litter Jolyne was delivering the day we visited Damariscotta. His Forever Family lives not far from here and we saved them a trip to come get him by delivering him to their doorstep.

The 1st Fish & Game Club Invite 10/5/16

Our first invite from a fish & game club! We were so excited to attend the monthly meeting  of the Standish Fish & Game Club and share about the experiences in the book as a Maine Game Warden. Their primary interest being in the fish and wildlife of the State of Maine made it so were were able to converse as fellow outdoorsmen & women easily. The stories continued until we had to call it a night. Both my stories and theirs… Continue reading

Off to Sebago! 9/24/16

1526740_10151773236376086_274819464_n.jpgToday, we headed for the Sebago Lake region and the Spaulding Memorial Library. We were entranced by the beautiful building! We totally forgot to get an outdoor picture of this place. All stonework!  We were amazed when over 30 people turned out for an author talk and book signing. We even had Marge, who was turning 90 today…or maybe it was 91. But we were not allowed to sing to her, she didn’t want the fuss. A wonderful lady!