Freeport, Maine 9/19/16

Author Talk & Signing at the Freeport Community Library.….I had never turned left at the light coming into Freeport from I95 North! It’s usually to McD’s or LL Bean and the other shops when we stop over in Freeport.

FreeportLibraryLogo.gif What a beautiful library right there, just down the street from the busy section of town! The acoustics there are phenomenal. We had a great group attend including some of my ‘ole MESARD folks!  And Mr & Mrs Gary Anderson! So great to feel the support of friends and prior co-workers!

Author Talk & Book Signing in Ellsworth 9/8/16

EllsPubLib.jpgWe were thrilled to head back downeast! Even in the midst of a rainy evening, plenty of folks came out to the Ellsworth Public Library. We even had fellow Game Warden Wayde Carter and family come all the way from Machias to be part of the meet and greet! Wayde, as you will know from reading the book, was my counter-part in many of my adventures while in the Warden Service.

Carter Ridge Kennels is where we got our Saba! We love her so! Check out the fantastic painting on the wall behind me – looks like one of our dogs may have posed for it!


Visiting another of Sherman’s Bookstores 9/1/16

Kate and I were on our own  today in Damariscotta as Jolyne spent the wee hours of this morning helping our youngest dog to produce 10 puppies! We arrived at about 11:00 am and spent a few hours chatting with folks about the book. I was anxious to get home and check on those puppies! IMG_1078.jpg

Photo is a little graphic….but that’s life! Yup, there are 10 there! Whew! And our Friz is a little girl herself!

An Evening in Greenville 8/11/16

We left Indian Hill Trading Post for a bite to eat at Flatlander’s Pub before going on to thecenter-for-moosehead-history2.jpg Center for Moosehead History where the Shaw Public Library & the Moosehead Historical Society teamed up to host us for an evening of great interaction and reminiscing about my years here in Greenville.




Conversation had to be louder than the fans used to circulate the air in the historic building. But we were able to still have a wonderful evening!


Hometown, 8/6/16

August always brings us to our hometown. The annual Jackman Alumni Open House is always on the first Saturday, so we coordinated with Bishop’s Store for a signing event and we headed north! It was a great day all around – especially having a gal come into the store who was in my original class at Forest Hills! I had not seen her for….ever! Ray and I caught up on old times and Maxine surprised the heck out of me!

IMG_1004.jpg          IMG_1003.jpg