The 1st Fish & Game Club Invite 10/5/16

Our first invite from a fish & game club! We were so excited to attend the monthly meeting  of the Standish Fish & Game Club and share about the experiences in the book as a Maine Game Warden. Their primary interest being in the fish and wildlife of the State of Maine made it so were were able to converse as fellow outdoorsmen & women easily. The stories continued until we had to call it a night. Both my stories and theirs…

We are thrilled that they are in the works of acquiring a parcel of land to be used for fish and wildlife management and recreation. We look forward to visiting with them again and hear about their accomplishments.

Kathy Johnson was instrumental in working the publicity of our event from her area. We appreciate a new found friend there! Kathy’s goal was to get more people to attend than we had at the last library visit – she managed it. I think there were about 35 people in attendance. And, good for the club, some of those attending were not members but took home information about joining the fish and game club!DSC_0002.JPG

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