Greenville, here we come! 8/11/16

Another “hometown” to visit! We were privileged to call this “last town before the big woods” as our own for many years. This is the town our children most grew up in. This is where we changed our walk of faith. This is where we homeschooled for many years. This…is where most of the book happened….

Indian HIll.jpg

Indian Hill Trading Post was so gracious to provide us with a tent, table and chairs and set us up right at the front door of the grocery store. Here, we met new friends and hugged many old friends. Here, Kate got to see the Roger Guay of Greenville.


This lady walked up to the table while I had gone for coffee and just started exclaiming to Jolyne & Kate that I had saved her life.  She went in to shop and stopped at the table again on her way out of the store. I was able to chat with her about her adventure on Little Moose Mountain. I apologize…I do not remember her name.

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